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Hidroself represents excellence in the marketing and production of garden accessories, fittings and showers. The quality of the products and the variety of offers make Hidroself a trusted brand for every gardening enthusiast.

Under the prestigious Idroeasy brand, we are proud to own numerous patents for expandable and super-light hoses. With a dedicated manufacturing facility, our innovative hoses represent the highest reliability and functionality in the industry, offering our customers an unprecedented, Made in Italy gardening experience.

Our mission to provide complete gardening solutions pushed us to enter the pest control sector in 2003. Through the Sandokan brand, we offer a wide range of products for the disinfestation of insects and nuisance animals. Our brand stands out for the production of patented insect killers, and for high-quality insect management solutions.

Euroequipe s.r.l. is committed to offering innovation, quality and reliability through its three distinct brands, providing complete and advanced solutions to meet the needs of all lovers of gardening and outdoor space care.

The place

We find ourselves in the middle of the technological triangle of Emilia Romagna.

A small territory geographically but enormous strategically. Here, in the Crespellano factory, the hoses are designed and produced with cutting-edge technologies. In fact, the most important Italian industrial companies are born here.

10.000 mq

Area within which the company is located

5.000 mq

Surface area covered by the company

The place

Deciding to produce in our country is an ethical choice since, in addition to valorising local resources, it avoids long logistical journeys which impact CO2 emissions.

The value

All our production is based on principles and values that focus on quality, technological innovation and attention to the environment and man.


All our products are made with high quality materials and undergo rigorous checks. rigorous checks.


The main objective of our company is to offer unique and innovative products to the market with all the typical quality of Made in Italy.


We develop easily recyclable and sustainable products; We invest in human resources; We establish business relationships based on win-to-win.


How do our products
come to life?

All our production is based on principles and values that focus on quality, technological innovation and attention to the environment and man.

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Let’s talk about Sandokan

About us

Point of reference in the sector of manufacturing and marketing of products for the control and disinfestation of insects, rodents and birds. Our main mission is to offer effective and reliable solutions to maintain safe and infestation-free environments.

What sets us apart is our ability to customize through the private label service. We are ready to become your ideal partner to develop and distribute products under your brand, adapting them to your specific needs and ensuring the highest quality.

What distinguishes us from the competition?

Production excellence

We invest in advanced technologies to guarantee the highest quality products. Each stage of production is subjected to rigorous quality controls, our products are tested one by one to ensure maximum quality and reliability, thus satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.

Total customization

We know that every customer has unique needs. We offer a full customization service, allowing you to choose from a wide range of formulations, scents and packaging to create distinctive products under your brand.

Security and compliance

Safety is our priority. Our products are developed in accordance with international and national regulations, ensuring maximum safety for end users.

Technical support

Our team of experts is always at your disposal for advice and technical support. We are ready to work with you every step of the way, from formulation to distribution.

Established reputation

Thanks to our established reputation in the industry, you will be able to offer your customers high-quality products, strengthening your corporate image.

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Patents and technologies

Euroequipe is a company that believes in quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. All our products are made with high quality materials and undergo rigorous checks. Furthermore, we are constantly innovating to offer our customers the best products on the market.

Euroequipe s.r.l.

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