Patented electro-insecticide racket

The “Italy” Sandokan electronic racket is a technological innovation for insect control. It is the result of a collaboration with the renowned Entomology department of the University of Bologna, a partnership which, combined with our experience and expertise, guarantees maximum effectiveness and innovation in our products. It is practical, effective, sustainable, long-lasting, safe and economical.

It complies with RoHS and CE regulations, ensuring compliance with rigorous environmental and European standards. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we have been granted patents all over the world, confirming our originality and commitment to research and technological development.
It is light, as it is made up of an internal grid in recyclable electro-conductive plastic, unlike electronic rackets with metal grids which are heavier and not eco-sustainable. Therefore, there is a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions on transport and the environment. Unlike metal grills, which can rust and corrode over time, the plastic material resists wear, humidity and atmospheric agents. This guarantees a long useful life of the product, reducing the need to replace the grills frequently and thus contributing to waste reduction and economic efficiency. Furthermore, it is composed of two external grids (one on each side) in plastic techno-polymers, which prevent accidental contact with the internal electrically conductive grid, reducing risks for the user to a minimum. This feature makes it efficient in eliminating annoying insects and safe to use, avoiding potential electric shocks for the operator.
It is sustainable: made entirely in Italy, affirming the importance of "Made in Italy". It is low consumption, as it is powered by 2 1.5V batteries which can last over 2 years.
Careful tests are carried out on each racket, ensuring maximum quality and reliability. This provides tangible benefits to our customers in terms of safety, satisfaction and product durability. The “Italy” Sandokan electronic racket represents a positive example of how innovation can combine efficiency, comfort and environmental responsibility.