Patented Insect Killers with aspiration system

The Sandokan aspiration system electroinsecticides represent an innovation developed in collaboration with the Entomology department of the University of Bologna, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and innovation.


Compliant with RoHS and CE regulations, ensuring compliance with rigorous environmental and European standards. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we have been granted patents all over the world, confirming our originality and commitment to research and technological development.
They are HCCP certified, i.e. they respect certain hygiene and food safety standards, making their use possible in food companies that carry out production, preparation, transformation, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, handling, sale, supply and administration activities to the consumer.

Inside they are present: an integrated heat generator to activate the thermoreceptors of blood-sucking insects (i.e. which feed on the blood of other animals, for example mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas, etc.); a high-brightness, low-energy consumption LED color band; a powerful, silent and safe fan that sucks up the insects, depositing them in a special container compartment, including a special filter, so that they dehydrate and die; a transparent grid in polycarbonate (self-extinguishing and unbreakable material) which limits access to target insects only, avoiding the capture of useful insects such as butterflies. All plastic components are entirely recyclable. In addition, these devices include a dedicated compartment for the insertion of our attractant (Art.7356), specially designed to increase its effectiveness in catching mosquitoes, imitating the aromas emitted by mammals. This solution is safe and ecological, as it does not use harmful chemicals. Sandokan electric insecticides are equipped with a USB power cable which allows them to be used through various power sources, such as Power Banks and USB adapters for cars and camping, ensuring an effective solution for keeping insects away even during dynamic situations, for example during a trip by car or on an outdoor excursion. Therefore, they adapt to multiple circumstances, providing reliable protection against annoying insects. They are easy to use and do not require particular maintenance. It is recommended to empty the container compartment every 15 days, in a hygienic way without getting dirty or touching the insects directly. This process takes a few minutes and does not require the use of particular tools and/or technical knowledge.
They have low energy consumption, as they allow their operation 24 hours a day, without having significant economic costs, as keeping them active regularly is recommended for greater effectiveness of the product. Our UV LEDs consume up to 5 times less energy than neon light devices. This involves an approach to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, they are extremely light, therefore having a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions on transport. They are among the most environmentally friendly on the market, as they are easily recyclable at the end of their useful life, making it easier for the end consumer to dispose of them, thus reducing the use of plastic and Co2 emitted into the environment. Sustainability is fundamental to our reality: all our products are made entirely in Italy, affirming the importance of "Made in Italy" and eliminating the need for international imports. In fact, it turns out to be a concrete alternative to imports from Asian countries, ensuring the constant availability of our products during the purchase phase, guaranteeing assistance.
Thanks to intelligent design and robust construction, our electric insecticides are able to stay in place, without the use of additional supports or supports. In fact, they can be placed in different areas of the home (internal/external) or work environment without the need for complex installations. Furthermore, they are specially designed to integrate harmoniously into the interior design of any environment. The registration of the design of Sandokan devices with the number 0002674192-0003 confirms the care and study dedicated to the aesthetic and functional aspect, the attention to detail and innovation. Careful tests are carried out on each product, ensuring maximum quality and reliability. This provides tangible benefits to our customers in terms of safety, satisfaction and product durability.