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Automatic dispenser for concentrated liquids

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Automatic dispenser for concentrated liquids

Knockdown device without manual pumping.

Ditch the old backpack pumps and replace them with this innovative dispenser.

Simply pour the active ingredient into the tank and connect the dispenser to a garden hose.

It is perfect for any treatment in the garden: thanks to the cat that reaches up to 5 meters and the 3 adjustable nozzles it is possible to reach every corner effortlessly and without getting dirty.

Takes 1/3 of the time compared to traditional backpack pumps.


Connects directly to your garden hose. It is recommended to start treatment after 30 seconds of dispensing. The dispenser delivers approximately 1 liter of mixture every 30 seconds, so it is necessary to proceed quickly with spraying in order to treat the surface without pausing. The dispensing times shown are indicative and may vary with water pressure, nozzle adjustment and density of the active ingredient. The mixing device is transparent and allows you to check the level of the active ingredient during dispensing.


• Connection directly connectable to the garden hose
• Includes 3 adjustable nozzles for perfect misting. • 50ml container
• Easy to use.
• Without manual pumping.
• In 1 minute cover an area of 100 m2.
• Patented by Sandokan


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