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Garden Mosquito Kit


Bio Tiger Tab - Anti-mosquito larvicide

50 Tablets

Anti Mosquito Spirals, Insecticide, Made of Cardboard Vegetable Fibre


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“Garden Mosquitoes” Kit

Your garden is the place where you find peace and tranquility. But nothing can ruin this experience like unwanted insects. With our “Garden Mosquitoes” Kit, transform your outdoor space into an oasis free from annoying intruders! We have chosen for you a range of products that allows complete eradication of insects in all their stages.

  • 1 Larvicide in Tablets of 50 pcs.: The larvicide is the first line of defense against mosquitoes and other annoying insects. It predicts the start of an infestation because these tablets eliminate the larvae, preventing them from growing into adults.
  • 1 Insecticide Spray “Zanza Party”: sprays up to 4 meters for rapid elimination of insects (only 30 seconds to disinfest even large areas). Insecticide with knockdown effect and spray jet delivery for rapid elimination of insects. Residual effect for up to a week. Allows treating outdoor environments, quickly and safely eliminating mosquitoes and other flying and crawling target insects. Ideal for spraying on hedges and green border areas to create a barrier effect from desired insects. Ready to use and easy to use.
  • 1 concentrated insecticide “Bio Revanol”: immediate knockdown action + effective barrier effect on the majority of crawling and flying insects. If we have done prevention with the larvicide and there are no larval outbreaks in the garden it is possible to restrict the insecticide treatments to green areas only border. In this way we will create a perimeter barrier capable of intercepting mosquitoes as they move towards our garden, drastically reducing their numbers. In addition to limiting the quantity of insecticide used, in this way it will be possible to safeguard the useful insects that populate the lawn and flowerbeds.
  • 1 Sicilian terracotta diffuser: Add a touch of elegance to your garden with this terracotta spiral holder, coming directly from Sicily. A traditional way to keep mosquitoes away.
  • 1 Pack of anti-mosquito spirals of 20 pieces: Insecticide anti-mosquito spirals, new anti-breakage formula in cardboard vegetable fibre. Duration of each spiral 4 hours. Unlike common spirals on the market, this new patented model does not break, thus avoiding product waste. Metal stand included. Effective against mosquitoes, midges, and other annoying insects. For outdoor use. Produced in EUROPE they are safe and effective against all types of mosquitoes. To be used in combination with the terracotta spiral holder.

The “Garden Mosquitoes” Kit is a complete offer for the disinfestation of all stages of insects present in your garden, you will finally be able to enjoy your garden without worrying about annoying insects. Make it the ideal place for parties, barbecues and moments of relaxation in total tranquility.

Take control of your outdoor space and create a perfect garden where you can relax without hassle. Order today and start enjoying your garden like never before!


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