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“TRIZAN ITALY” USB electroinsecticide

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“TRIZAN ITALY” USB electroinsecticide

Inside the “Tri-Zan,” there is an integrated heat generator to activate the thermoreceptors of hematophagous insects (those that feed on the blood of other animals, such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, etc.) and a high-brightness, low-energy consumption LED strip designed to capture mosquitoes and other dangerous insects, which are then eliminated by a calibrated discharge to avoid releasing smoke or flames.

It consists of components made of entirely recyclable plastic including a transparent grid with integrated electrification made of polycarbonate (self-extinguishing and unbreakable material), which limits access to only target insects, avoiding the capture of beneficial insects like butterflies, and an electrified grid composed of conductive plastic, replacing the obsolete, less sustainable, difficult-to-recycle, and heavier metal grids.

The device is identified for compliance with RoHS and CE regulations, ensuring adherence to rigorous environmental and European standards. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we have been granted patents worldwide, confirming our originality and commitment to research and technological development.

One distinguishing feature of “Tri-Zan” is its high safety level, as it features double galvanic isolation, a safety system designed to protect users from potential current leaks or accidental electric shocks, ensuring user safety.

The “Tri-Zan” Sandokan is equipped with a USB power cable, which allows it to be used through various power sources such as power banks and USB adapters for cars and camping, ensuring an effective solution to repel insects even in mobile situations, for example, during a car trip or an outdoor excursion. Therefore, it adapts to multiple circumstances, providing reliable protection against annoying insects.

In addition, the device includes a dedicated compartment for inserting our attractant (Art.7356), specifically designed to enhance effectiveness in capturing mosquitoes by mimicking the scents emitted by mammals. This solution is safe and environmentally friendly, as it does not use harmful chemicals.


Placement: Place the electroinsecticide in a location where mosquitoes are commonly present, preferably in a dark area without drafts. Avoid placing it near you or in areas where you spend a lot of time, otherwise, you might attract mosquitoes to your area.

Advice: Remember that while suction electroinsecticides can be useful in catching mosquitoes and other insects, it is important to adopt other preventive measures to reduce the presence of mosquitoes, such as using larvicides to interrupt the mosquito life cycle and reduce their population. Combining the use of suction electroinsecticides with larvicides can be an effective approach to reduce the presence of adult mosquitoes and prevent their proliferation. (Our article number 7310 – 7312)


Power consumption: 5V ~ 4W

  • Power consumption: 5V ~ 4W
  • It features 30 specific LEDs
  • Recommended for areas up to 180 square meters
  • Ideal for indoor environments, on the terrace, in the veranda.
  • Compatible with PowerBanks, therefore portable, suitable for all outdoor situations.
  • The design integrates perfectly with indoor environments
  • Power cable included
  • Power adapter included
  • Compatible with attractant (Art.7356)


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