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Liquid reptile repellent


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The Sandokan reptile deterrent is a ready-to-use aqueous solution and contains substances that are unpleasant to the target species.

The product has a dishabituating action against the most common reptiles that can invade domestic and civil environments, because it creates an olfactory barrier resulting in a pleasant scent of the rooms.

The particular no-gas spray formulation makes its application easy and immediate. It is applied in all places where the infestation is present: on walls, in entrance halls, above and under sheds, on windowsills and balconies, under porches and gazebos, on floors and along paths.

Keep your environment free of reptiles with the Sandokan reptile repellant. Its special formula acts as a deterrent barrier, keeping reptiles away safely and efficiently.

Instructions for Use:

Shake the container before use. Spray the product directly on the surfaces where the passage of reptiles has been observed. Distribute the product evenly, avoiding dripping. Repeat the treatment until the weed species disappear. Distribute the product in such a way as to create a barrier along the perimeter of the homes or in general of the environments to be protected.


  • Ready to use
  • Made in Italy
  • Does not harm the animal
  • Based on essential oils

Format: 1 L


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