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Mice, dormice and moles repellent


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Sandokan granular mice, mole and dormouse repellent is an effective solution to keep these unwanted rodents away.

The product, in a granular formulation, is easy to use, does not dirty and does not produce bad odors, making its use a convenient and effective solution against mice, moles and dormice.

Its special formula, with natural repellent ingredients, acts on the olfactory system of these rodents creating an inhospitable environment for them. Simply distribute the product at passage points or infested areas and wait for it to take effect. It remains active for several weeks, protecting the area from the resettlement of rodents. In this way, it is possible
avoid damage and unpleasant problems caused by excavations and waste of these animals.

Instructions for Use:

It must be used as is, it must not be diluted in water, it must not be used in combination with other formulations or in quantities exceeding the doses indicated below. Distribute the product evenly on the areas to be treated, using 20 ml of product for every square meter of surface. To treat piles of dirt left by moles, apply the product directly. If the phenomenon recurs, repeat the treatment every 2 days until the infestation disappears. In case of rain or irrigation repeat the treatment as the effectiveness of the product could decrease.


  • Ready to use
  • Made in Italy
  • Does not harm the animal
  • Creates a prolonged barrier effect
  • No bad smells

Format: 1 Kg


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