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Multi Pac Ant Trap 6pcs


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Nessuna scheda tecnica per il prodotto.
Multi Pac Ant Trap.
Pack of 6 gel dispensers against ant infestations.
Thanks to the high palatability of the attractant and its long residuality of the active ingredient, a domino effect is generated in the anthill until the anthill is eliminated.
Weatherproof, therefore suitable for both external and internal use.
Triangular shape designed to be placed in corners.
Ready to use.

  • High palatability of the Multi Pac Ant Trap bait
  • Exclusive triangular format to be able to be positioned even in corners.
  • Long residual life of the active ingredient which generates a domino effect in the anthill until the colony is eliminated.
  • Durable plastic container protects from external contact.
  • Ease of use.
  • Pack of 6 traps


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