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Ants and Cockroaches Home and Garden Kit

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Insecticide 1 Against All

Spray Freezes Insects

Bio Revanol Anti bedbugs and spiders

Multi Pac Ant Trap 6pcs

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Powder for ants 1 Kg - Insecticide

Insecticidal bait in granules for ants

Ant insecticide with precision nozzle

Glue trap for mice and cockroaches

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Kit “Ants and Cockroaches Home and Garden!”

In this offer for the disinfestation of cockroaches and ants we have collected the most effective products to ensure that your home remains a safe and peaceful refuge. The offer consists of:

  • 1 Multipurpose Insecticide “1 Against All”: Spray insecticide effective against flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bedbugs, moths, etc.; crawling insects such as cockroaches and ants and against dust mites, ticks, spiders, centipedes and millipedes. Thanks to its formulation (with NATURAL PYRETHRUM and PERMETHRIN) it allows the immediate elimination of insects and guarantees prolonged action for up to two weeks.
  • 1 Freeze Insect Spray: Free yourself from annoying insects by freezing them! Without chemical insecticides, Sandokan’s Bedbug and Insect Freezer allows the safe elimination of annoying insects. Particularly suitable for bedbugs, blowflies and cockroaches. Using it is very simple: just spray on the insect and it will be killed immediately!
  • 1 insecticide “Bio revanol Anti bedbugs and spiders”: STOP spiders and cobwebs with the Sandokan insecticide with immediate knockdown action Specifically designed to eliminate all species of spiders that infest homes, garages and basements. The powerful jet allows you to easily eliminate even spiders that nest in the highest corners of ceilings and attics.
    Based on natural pyrethrum and permethrin which prevents the settlement of spiders for over 2 weeks.
  • 1 Multipack of 6 ant traps: Thanks to the high palatability of the bait, the ants are attracted to the trap, creating a chain effect that leads to the destruction of the colony.
  • 1 powder insecticide for ants, 1 kg: Thanks to its flushing power, this powder not only eliminates all the ants present but creates a repellent barrier that keeps the ants away from the treated area. Our product is easy to use and applies in minutes. Ideal for long-lasting and persistent treatments.Our product is easy to use and applies in minutes.
  • 1 Insecticide in Granules for Ants of 300 g: A long-lasting treatment to keep ants away from the treated area, it contains sugary microgranules which allow the ants to carry the bait inside the nest, which leads to the complete eradication of the colony.
  • 1 insecticide spray with precision nozzle: Convenient and effective insecticide spray for cockroaches and ants with precision nozzle specially designed for: narrow spaces, cracks, crevices, along the edges of floors, walls, waste and unreachable spaces.
  • 2 Packs of 3 Traps for Mouse and Cockroaches: Banana flavored glue trap to attract mice and with food attractant in gel specific for cockroaches. The particular shape of the trap prevents any unsanitary contact with the captured animals and insects.

Take control of your home thanks to the Sandokan range of solutions. Our Home and Garden Ants and Cockroaches Kit is your total defense against these invaders, allowing you to choose different solutions to your problems, ensuring that you can live in your home without worries. Choose Made in Italy quality, Sandokan!


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