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“BIO Trap” for rats and mice


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“BIO Trap” for rats and mice

Glue traps for mice and rats are an effective, poison-free solution for controlling rodent infestations in homes or commercial environments.

Each trap is equipped with an adhesive surface containing a food attractant incorporated into the glue, designed to lure rodents. This strategy ensures effective trapping of mice and rats without the use of harmful chemicals. The glue doesn’t dry out and doesn’t drip.

Glue traps offer a discreet and safe solution for managing the presence of unwanted rodents. They can be strategically placed along the transit paths of mice and rats, behind appliances, or in other areas where rodents are likely to frequent.

Easy to use and non-toxic, these traps are a reliable resource for reducing mouse and rat infestations. Once captured, the rodents can be safely disposed of, and the traps can be easily replaced to continue keeping the environment free from unwanted rodents.

It is recommended to place the traps out of reach of children and pets.



  • Poisons free.
  • The glue does not dry out or drip.


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