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Home and Garden Mouse Kit


Glue trap for mice and cockroaches

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CIAPA RAT BLOCCO Paraffin Bait Rodenticide

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"Ciapa Rat Grano" Rodenticide Bait

Rodenticide bait container × 2


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Discover our incredible “Home and garden mice” kit! This exceptional kit is the definitive solution to defend your home and your spaces from annoying rodents. It contains all the solutions for the rodent problem!

Imagine saying goodbye to unwanted invaders with a selection of highly effective and convenient products, all in one package!

Our kit includes:

  • 1 Pasta Rosticide Bait: Ready-to-use bait in fresh paste. The bait is very palatable to mice and rats but contains bittering for humans and pets. Resealable bag to preserve the freshness of the product. Perfect combination with Sandokan safety container.
  • 1 Rosticide Bait Block: Pack of paraffin blocks. The block is palatable for all species of mice and rats, but contains a bittering substance that is unpleasant for humans and other non-target animals but highly palatable for all species of rodents that infest the domestic environment. Resistant to atmospheric agents. Perfect combination with Sandokan safety container.
  • 1 Grain Rat Bait: Ready-to-use rat bait in granules, with bittering agent unwelcome to humans and other non-target animals. Perfect combination with Sandokan safety container.
  • 2 Packs of 3 Mouse and Cockroach Traps: 6 banana flavored glue traps to attract mice and with specific gel food attractant for cockroaches. The particular shape of the trap prevents any unsanitary contact with the captured animals and insects.
  • 3 Safety Containers for Rat Killer: The bait dispenser safety container is supplied with the appropriate key to be able to inspect and refill it. The bait compartment is large and can accommodate any type of bait other than Sandokan ones. It resists bad weather.
  • 2 Plastic Snap Traps: Sandokan Plastic Snap Traps, Easy to use.

Put an end to sleepless nights and worries with our “Home and Garden Mice” Kit. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get all these high quality products in one purchase!


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