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Home and Garden Wasp Kit

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Spray insecticide for wasps and hornets, 750ml format

Foam insecticide for wasps and hornets

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“Vespa home and garden” Kit, your All-in-One Solution for a Safe Home!

We are pleased to present our “Home and garden Vespa” kit, designed to guarantee maximum protection and comfort in your home or garden. We have carefully selected a series of high-performance products to eliminate and prevent annoying wasps, the offer consists of:

  • 1 Vespicide Spray with Safety Jet 4m+: Need to reach those wasp nests beyond your reach? Don’t worry! Our spray allows you to knock down wasps from a safe distance, protecting you and your family.
  • 1 Foaming Vespicide with 4m+ Safety Jet: The foam adheres to surfaces, enveloping wasp nests and destroying them from the inside. It’s the perfect way to face the most hostile situations with confidence.
  • 1 Precision Dispensing Gun: This ergonomically designed gun is the perfect ally for precisely applying our anti-wasp sprays and foams. Maximize effectiveness and reduce waste.
  • 1 Trap with Wasp Attractant: Catch wasps cleanly and effectively with this trap. Attractant included, reusable, Made in Italy.
  • 1 Made in Italy electro-insecticide racket: Electro-insecticide racket with electro-conductive plastic grid. Made in Italy, it guarantees merciless hunting of wasps and other flying insects.

Don’t let wasps ruin your outdoor enjoyment or disturb the peace of your home. With the “Home and Garden Wasps” Kit you will have all the tools you need to defeat these annoying creatures and protect your home.

Choose tranquility. Choose our “Vespa home and garden” Kit today and live in a Vespa-free environment!


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