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Home Mosquito Kit

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Our “Home Mosquitoes” Kit is an offer made up of an effective range of products designed for indoor environments and is a complete solution for the elimination and control of insects in domestic areas. The offer consists of:

  • 1 “Led-Zan Usb” discharge electro-insecticide: MADE IN ITALY electronic abatement device with 6 powerful UV LEDs. The chromatic band attracts target insects, eliminating them with a calibrated electric discharge. Can also be used with Powerbank. USB power cable included.
  • 1 Insecticide for flies and mosquitoes: 500 ml spray insecticide ready for use. Odorless based on NATURAL PYRETHRUM extract AND PERMETHRIN FOR LONG-LASTING ACTION UP TO ONE WEEK. Knockdown action against flying insects in general, effective repellent. Suitable for domestic use, also applicable on fabrics. Effective against flying and crawling insects.
  • 1 “Bio Revanol Pronto” insecticide: it is a ready-to-use insecticide. Thanks to the combined action of the two pyrethroids it exerts a rapid knockdown action which occurs through direct contact with infesting insects or treated surfaces. The choice of pyrethroid active ingredients and the water-based formulation make “Bio Revanol Pronto” an effective and low-toxic product. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use on fabric or hard surfaces. Effective against flying and crawling insects.
  • 1 Pack of Mosquito Repellent Water Balls: With essential oils unwelcome to mosquitoes, they are ideal for keeping mosquitoes away from indoor environments and as decorative elements.
  • 1 Made in Italy electro-insecticide racket: Electro-insecticide racket with electro-conductive plastic grid. Made in Italy, it guarantees merciless hunting of wasps and other flying insects.

Take control of your living space with this amazing Kit and transform your home into a safe haven for you and your family. Don’t wait, order today and take the first step towards a protected home without annoying insects!


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