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Mosquito Attractant Plates “Pro Attractins Tabs”


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Mosquito Attractant Plates “Pro Attractins Tabs”


Mosquito attractant, Sandokan patented attractant mixture plates that increase the effectiveness of electric Insect Killer insect catching devices.

This mixture of odorous substances of natural origin has an effect on mosquitoes, sandflies and in particular on the tiger mosquito.

The patented Sandokan attractant mixture contained in the attractants attracts mosquitoes, sandflies and other dipterans that feed on blood. Harmless to humans and the environment. Can be used in combination with the Sandokan Insect Killers, increasing their catches.

Compatible with art I7395, I7340, I 7345, I7390, 7352, 7353, 7385, 7395, 7360

Each platelet contained in the package lasts 10 days; therefore the package covers a period of 1 month.


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