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Concentrated Bio Revanol Insecticide 3 liters PLUS Formula 10%


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Bio Revanol Concentrated Insecticide is the dilutable concentrated insecticide that creates a protective barrier in your garden or green areas. Ideal for fighting adult forms of various insects such as mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies, etc. The product has a long-lasting action and good knockdown effect. It is used for the extermination of outdoor areas (gardens, lawns, parks, etc.) Based on the needs, choose the dilution percentage and spray in infested areas such as gardens, green areas, open spaces.

Product specifications: 3,439g 16x20hx14,5cm


  • High persistence of action
  • Creates a barrier around the perimeter of the treated area.
  • Specifically for domestic pest control, parks, and green areas of any size, ideal for boundary hedges.
  • Super-concentrated, dilutable 0.5-1%
  • Made in Italy

Instructions for Use:

If we have done prevention and there are no larval outbreaks in the garden, it is possible to restrict insecticidal treatments to the border green areas only. In this way, we will create a sort of perimeter barrier capable of intercepting mosquitoes as they move towards the garden and drastically reduce their numbers. In addition to reducing the amount of insecticides used, this will allow us to safeguard the beneficial insects that populate the lawn and flowerbeds. The frequency of treatments is dictated by contingent needs. Dilute the product to the indicated percentage according to the needs and spray the area to be disinfested.




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